NormaTec Recovery System

Innovative, Compression Technology used enhance athletic recovery, decrease muscle pain/fatigue and in the treatment of inflammatory conditions.

NormaTec is a compression therapy designed to improve recovery following strenuous exercise. It has been traditionally used by elite athletes in sports such as running, cycling, Crossfit, dance, and “weekend warriors” to promote healing after any athletic event.

The NormaTec system is also widely used for the treatment of inflammatory or circulatory disorders, including sprains/strains, swelling of the extremities, arthritic conditions and post-surgical recovery.

Common Uses

  • to enhance athletic recovery
  • decrease muscle pain and stiffness
  • sprains/strains of the extremities
  • arthritic conditions including osteoarthritis
  • lymphatic and circulatory disorders
  • swelling of the legs and feet during pregnancy
  • post-surgical recovery

How it Works

Using the NormaTec system, you wear two full leg boots or upper body/shoulder sleeves, which are pumped with air in a strategic pattern. This dynamic compression gently squeezes and massages the limbs with a rhythmic pulse, which reduces swelling and improves circulation. This also helps to speed up the repair of microtrauma in muscles following strenuous or repetitive activities.

NormaTec is unique from other compression pumps, in that it uses dynamic Pulse Technology… similar to rolling a tube of toothpaste. This mimics and enhances the skeletal muscle “pumping” mechanism which promotes blood flow, flushing the limbs of inflammation and metabolic waste built up from exercise and stress. To describe the sensation, a NormaTec treatment feels like a combination of a compression socking and a massage.

What to Expect

A NormaTec treatment is approximately 25 minutes long. Upon arrival to the office, a trained member of our team will assist you in getting set up and answer any of your questions. You will be in complete control of the settings and the pressure during the entire treatment. Feel free to bring some music or a book with you to your appointment!


Single treatment: $30
Prepaid 5 Package: $125
Prepaid 10 Package: $230

Weekend Rentals: $250
Interested in renting out the NormaTec Recovery System for a weekend event? Pick up the equipment on Friday afternoon, use it throughout the weekend bring it back to the office for Monday morning!

Questions? Give us a call at 250-462-4776 or book an appointment online.