Registered Kinesiology

Kinesiology is the scientific study of human body movement. Our Registered Kinesiologists are experts on the study of movement and exercise, working with you to create a more efficient and effective road to injury recovery through movement and active rehabilitation.

Kinesiologists work to maintain a close relationship with other health care professionals such as Chiropractors and Physiotherapists. This relationship provides the client with the best possible care, teaching you how to be more self-sufficient in your own recovery. A personalized exercised program is created for every patient and is carefully designed for that patient. The selected exercises are chosen to help the patient recover from their injuries as well as to help reduce the risk of further injury in the future. Working with a Kinesiologist is as much a prevention tool as it is a recovery tool.

In addition to injury recovery, Kinesiologists focus on movement patterns for their patients to improve any and all other facets of physical activity in their lives. Improving movement patterns also trains the body not to put itself into compromised or risky positions, thus further reducing the risk of future injury.

Benefits of Kinesiology

-efficient and effective road to injury recovery, reduce risk of injury

-improve overall strength and mobility

-collaborative care with other health care professionals

-improved biomechanics can improve performance in other activities


Conditions Kinesiology can help: 

-chronic pain and posture-related conditions

-athletic injuries

-muscular imbalances

-post injury weakness and pain

-general muscle weakness and stiffness

-injury from motor vehicle accidents



How is the treatment performed:

Kinesiologist sessions will be performed in the NuVista clinic. The sessions will be performed in part in the room and in part in the open foyer area of the clinic. Using mostly body weight, patients will be taken through numerous exercises and stretches that are specifically chosen for their specific conditions.

Who is a candidate for Kinesiology:

Everyone is a good candidate for Kinesiology services. A kinesiologist is a movement specialist and creates programs tailored to each patient that will improve the biomechanics, performance, and quality of life for all of their patients; whether it be someone recovering from a serious injury or a high level athlete, they can benefit from a Kinesiologist.

What are the possible side effects:

The main side effect that a patient may notice would be muscle soreness. This is not to be confused with muscle pain. Patients are put through exercises and movements that their body may not be used to and this can cause a bit of soreness in the days following the session.

How many sessions are generally needed:

Movement patterns are always evolving and being influenced by day to day life. This means that patients can benefit from having their movement patterns assessed and addressed on a regular basis. It is recommended that patients see a Kinesiologist once a week for at least the first 3 or 4 weeks of treatment. This is so the Patient can be taken through their custom exercise plan in depth and have their initial progress assessed. It also allows for any changes to be made to the program early on in the treatment in case the patient either struggles with completing a movement or excels and needs to be
progressed. It is recommended to see a Kinesiologist ever 2 or 3 weeks after the initial few sessions if the patient cannot maintain a weekly appointment.



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